Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Silverlight ... HTML5 ... *sigh*


Steve Ballmer and Bob Muglias comments on HTML5 & Silverlight are nothing new. Well, except it being by the CEO, the relevant VP and at PDC. I guess that can look worrying if you want to it to.

I've actually found the fallout quite positive. In truth their comments were completely expected, if Microsoft was trying to "take over teh world" by installing silverlight on every device I'd say they were foolish and naive. It failed for Java, it failed for Flash, why would Silverlight be any different? Silverlight fulfills a different role to html, that explaination was the only bit missing from the keynote.

That's what's been great about the aftermath: The role and future of Silverlight has never been better expressed in so many ways and in such detail. If these perspectives had been made clear during or before PDC it would have been a none issue. Here's some of my favourites:

Bob Muglia's response

Great detailed post from Mike Taulty

MVPs Jeremy Likeness & Laurent Bugnion also weighed in nicely 'from the coal face' on the subject:
Rather go look at the portable library project (http://player.microsoftpdc.com/Session/638f610a-ea51-4aef-9657-e3fe425ae745/469.163) to go see exactly what makes Silverlight so awesome.

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